COVID-19 Updates

March 31st, 2020:

Greeting everyone,

I have some new guidance that has been approved by the Board of Directors. As things change, we will adjust. For now, this is what our position is on using the space. We hope that everyone stays safe, and this will be over soon.

In accordance with the Stay-at-Home resolution for Virginia, Makersmiths requires the following conditions to be observed. Members are to use their own best judgment on accessing the site and take full responsibility for their own actions and exposure.

The spaces may be opened at any time by any full or associate member. The requirement for a full member to be present on site in order for an associate member to have access is temporarily waived. Associate members will be given full unaccompanied access.

      • The space may be used for project work under the following conditions;
      • no more than 6 persons may be in any one site at any one time,
      • persons in the site will observe social distancing protocols.
      • The space may NOT be used
          • for social gatherings,
          • for group recreational activities,
          • as a substitute for a home office, work from home, or remote office.
      • In many cases, the sites will be used for mask, face shield, or other pandemic support activities, and those activities will be given priority.
      • We have provided hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for use in the facilities and request that each member wipe down any parts of the facility used before and after their use.

As stated earlier, your safety is of the utmost importance. You need to make the call on using the space. Remember that we can do a lot of things virtually. We are looking for content that can be used on our youtube channel. Think about how you could host a virtual class. You are welcome to leverage our tools to host a virtual coffee break during the day or a cocktail hour at night. Slack and Google hangouts are available for your use. Let’s lookout for one another and get through this!

John Dubelko


Makersmiths, Inc.

March 15th, 2020:

Greetings Everyone,

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Makersmiths has decided not to hold any events, classes or workshops over the next two weeks. This includes all weekly events such as craft night, open house nights, committee meetings, workdays and more.

These events will be rescheduled to April and May. Around the 29th of March, we will post the makeup dates and times. If you are not able to attend the rescheduled class or workshop, just let us know at that time. We anticipate there will be further developments over the next few weeks and we will adjust things accordingly.

John Dubelko


Makersmiths, Inc.

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