Makersmiths 2019 Board of Directors Candidates
  • Allon Stern

  • Jessee Maloney
  • Brad Hess
  • Jonathan White
  • Jim Waldron

Allon Stern

I hereby announce my intention to serve on the Makersmiths board of directors, if selected by the membership.

As a founding member, I have helped to shape Makersmiths into what it is today. I feel the most important part of the makerspace is the community - learning by doing in a social atmosphere, teaching each other and having fun. Education outreach is also an interest. I feel it helps our community, raises awareness of our organization and can help bring in new members. I have also been working to build a bridge between the scouting community and the maker community through my position in Scouts BSA and membership at Makersmiths.

I would be honored to serve Makersmiths, and it’s membership, in the capacity of board member.

Jessee Maloney

I, Jessee Maloney, would like to throw my name into the hat and run for one of the empty seats on the Makersmiths Board of Directors.

I feel like I would be a good fit because I am not biased when it comes to the programs within the Makersmiths or the locations. They are all equal in my mind.

I want everything to succeed, grow and expand, and have spent a good chunk of my two years here doing just that. When I first joined I looked at the way we were projecting ourselves to the outside world and felt the need to change it. So I did. I helped Makersmiths build an online following that has help grow our numbers steadily. To add on to that I have tried to be at most of our large events and tables at fairs to help spread the word.  

I have the ability to chat with just about anyone I meet and never mind hearing everyone's side of things before making decisions. I feel like this is a good skill to have in this position. Every class, orientation or tour I do is an opportunity to hear what everyone else wants out of this organization. I always ask. That info can be passed on and used for good.

I'm also a little bit younger and think outside the box when needed. Most may not view this as a good thing because it means I don't have as much experience, but everyone starts somewhere!

Finally, I have put so much time and love into this organization, I feel like its my second family, and would like to continue to do so, but from a different point of view.

Brad Hess

Statement of Intent

This letter serves as formal notification that I, Bradley R Hess, am officially submitting my name to run for the Makersmiths board of directors’ position in class 2 for a term from 2019-2022.  

If I am elected, I understand the importance of my participation in regular board meetings, upholding the bylaws, upholding the standing rules and making informed decisions on moving the organization forward.

I have served on the board since 2016 and have been chairman since 2017.  During this time, we have as a collective board successfully accomplished the following:

  • Greatly improved the transparency of the board by implementing regularly scheduled and open meetings, publishing of meeting agenda and meeting notes.

  • Moved from Lawson road to the two current spaces we have today.  This has been a huge accomplishment given where we were two years ago.

  • Positive Cash flow raising the account balance from 18k to roughly 41k today

  • Grown membership

  • Negotiated and arranged the donation of the Tormach, EBR router, 3d printers, computers and additional equipment.

  • Negotiated lease extension for Leesburg for 2 more years while keeping rent at the current rate.  This has not been finalized yet, but is in progress.

If elected to the board for another term my focus would be on

  • Ensure that Makersmiths is setup for long term viability by performing the following

    • Increasing membership

    • Fundraising with the goal being to purchase the Leesburg building

  • Continue to promote transparency of the board

  • Continue to Make Things

I apologize ahead of time, but I may not be able to attend the June 5th meeting due to an awards ceremony at my son’s school.  Because of this if there are any questions that you have for me before the elections please feel free to ask me via slack or email at or give me a call at 571-271-9265


Brad Hess

Jonathan White

May 30, 2019

Dear Makersmiths Election Committee:

Makersmiths is a fantastic organization and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of it for the last 15 months. My experience with the organization began as a volunteer, helping clear out the Berryville warehouse even before I had begun using the facilities in Leesburg, and before Purcellville was operational. I believe there is a lot that I could contribute to the growth and management of the organization by being part of the Board of Directors.

I'm engaged in a wide range of ‘making’ interests and regularly use both facilities. While they each have some unique tools and organically grown communities, together they offer a comprehensive suite of space and tools that cater to all ‘making’ interests. They bring people in from both sides of Loudoun and the surrounding counties. I believe that the users of both spaces need to work together and that both spaces are important to the growth of the organization.

I have a lot of experience working with small teams to make organizations run efficiently, effectively and grow. In my professional life I have often been the first person in a newly created job role in a company (events organizer and travelling marketing manager) or been the first employee sent to set up the company in a new region. Many of my roles have been sales and marketing related which would help Makersmiths grow. Additionally, I have had to learn and take on legal, finance, HR and many other responsibilities in those jobs because I wasn’t part of a large organization with people and resources to support all of those functions.

If I am elected as Board Member, I believe the following, in order, are the most important things to focus on:

  • Ensure that Makersmiths maintains a strong financial position so that it can continue to operate.

  • Work to understand the wants and needs of the membership, adjust priorities and investment to meet those needs, subject to number 1.

  • Figure out new ways to make sure that members feel like they are getting value for their membership, which could include adjusting membership fees and fee structures.

  • Work to increase volunteerism, teaching and sharing, the lifeblood of the organization. I believe it is important to find ways to reward those people who contribute their time and energy to the organization.


Jonathan White

Jim Waldron

Hi.  I am Jim Waldron and I am declaring my candidacy for the Board of Directors.  Besides a strong commitment to Makersmiths, I bring the skills of successful service on other boards, both nonprofit and for-profit, as well as executive experience and knowledge of the inner workings of business.  I am retired with two grown kids and live close by which enhances my availability to both facilities and members.

While I have broad qualifications in policy development, implementation strategies and administrative skills, I am also a dyed-in-the-wool maker and cherish the creative process.  You have, no doubt, seen me in the space working on one of my latest wild ideas.

I believe that your dues should give you access to as much of our facilities as possible without additional charge while accepting that some few pieces of equipment necessitate a small use fee due to the cost of the consumables.

Using my talents and skills I have been facilitating workshops on CNC and welding, and look forward to providing many more educational workshops.  I have also been very active in development and build-out of our infrastructure in both facilities.

I want to pass on to others many of the things I have spent a lifetime learning so that they too can celebrate the joy of making.  I have had the distinct pleasure of bringing several new members into our fold.

This is a critical time for our organization with the challenges of rising rents, facility refurbishment (like air-conditioning), and aggressive new member targets.  We need a solid vision and focus for the assured future success of our fine organization. I will strive to provide solutions and an achievable public roadmap, in collaboration with the board, to lead the organization forward.  I will serve as an enabler for projects across a wide scope of interests and make a special point of cultivating future leaders to insure our long term success.

I would very much appreciate your vote.

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