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cnclathe w3The Maker Movement will emerge as the dominant source of livelihood as individuals find ways to build small businesses around their creative activity and large companies increasingly automate their operations. John Hagel, Deloitte, The Impact of the Maker Movement
  How the maker movement is making life easier entrepreneurs      BRW
  Picture7President Obama at the White House Maker Faire: “Today’s D.I.Y. Is Tomorrow’s ‘Made in America'” “Our parents and our grandparents created the world’s largest economy and strongest middle class not by buying stuff, but by building stuff — by making stuff, by tinkering and inventing and building; by making and selling things first in a growing national market and then in an international market — stuff “Made in America.” — President Barack Obama at the first-ever White House Maker Faire, June 18, 2014.
  Picture6Let’s make sure our children embrace the new maker culture    Inside3DP
  Brit + Co report sheds light on the S.F., national maker movement    San Francisco Business Times (blog)
  Picture8So, this exists: A working car has been 3D-printed out of carbon fiber…Washington Post (blog)-Sep 19, 2014
  Everything you need to know about open innovation; Forbes
  31f1392How LEGO Built Up From Innovation Rubble           Forbes‎

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New Yorker article Avamptato article

Maker movement/Education

Technology and making: Makerspaces Educational considerations. Other Links: Links Web Tutorials There are plenty of tutorials available on the WWW. Here are a few links to sites with tutorials we’ve found helpful: Tools and Components Here are some places to order electronic components and tools: Books for Hackers / Makers Here are some links to books targeted at DIYers, hackers, and makers of all kinds.