Makersmiths status:

  • Sept 2014 – Makersmiths organized as non-profit
  • Oct 2014 – Hosts first ever Loudoun County Maker Fair
  • Nov/Dec 2014- Hosting ‘Maker – the Movie’
  • Jan 2015 – launch makerspace

Programs area:

  • Access & Tools. Example – our makerspace- the Makesmiths Innovation Forge
  • Education. Providing maker training through classes, seminars, workshops and other programs
  • Community. Building and fostering a community of collaboration and resources to enable makers
  • Special events. Creating fun and educational maker events, such as the Maker Fair, and Maker – the movie
  • Research. Creating primary research and thought leadership in critical areas relevant to our mission

Our (first) makerspace:

  • Launching this January
  • 24/7 access to 3-4k ft
  • Wood, metal, prototyping, CAD, 3D CNC and several other shops


  • Almost everything your grandfather and his friends had
  • Everything your neighbor has, but won’t let you borrow anymore
  • Some tools you never knew existed, but will learn to never live without
  • Anything you’ll likely need to prototype that new product idea
  • Definitely everything you wished you had at your house, if you had the space, money, time and lived alone