• is a “Maker”?
    1. someone who makes something
    2. Someone who can convert an idea into a thing
  • is a “Makerspace”? Community centers with tools, combined with the social and other resources to take advantage of those tools.
  • is the “Maker movement”? a rising social trend of people returning to or becoming maker

Where –  Makersmiths: the new Loudoun county home of the maker movement

Who –      Makersmiths focuses on enabling:

  • Adults: enthusiasts
  • Kids: learning, playing, making
  • Entrepreneurs: looking to prototype new concepts
  • Organizations: looking to take part in the maker movement

Why… does someone make?

  • Fun – to gain personal satisfaction and enjoyment (fancy words for fun)
  • Learning – learn new skills and exercise the brain, all without doing any sudoko or lumosity
  • Economics – develop new commercial skills or products

How to participate in the Maker Movement in Loudoun County:

  • Attend: classes and events
  • Volunteer: time or skills
  • Donate: tools, resources
  • Join: become a member!