Makersmiths is a great place to do an internship, at any age.

Are you looking for someplace to learn new skills and demonstrate your work ethic?

Do you have new skills, and need to document them in a workplace setting for your resume or college application?

Makersmiths is currently seeking the following internships. However, feel free to propose your own internship – we are all ears.
  • Web/Digital/Social intern: manage our web (we use a custom wordpress platform for now) assets and social media campaigns (Kickstarter, LinkedIn, Indiegogo, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Operations/equipment: help us develop and put into action our making operations and equipment policies
  • Business: help with the day to day bookkeeping, planning and business operation
  • Marketing: develop collateral and outreach programs to establish membership and support our relationships with the business community sponsors and supporters
  • Events: Plan and execute our events as needed, including movie showings, Maker Faires, social functions (meetups, etc)
  We will have a solid bench of experts to guide, advise, and support any interns we accept